Conscious Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is less than 6 weeks away now (umm, yay!) and it’s about this time that everyone starts to shop, hard! If you’re anything like me, this brings pulses of anxiety, like, decision fatigue is a real thing! With so many people to buy for and budgets that need to be kept, we can end up purchasing a lot of ‘present staples’ of socks, bath gels and candles (come on, you know you’ve been that person).

Statistically, people only keep and use half of the presents they receive at Christmas each year. HALF! That means that half of the presents that we’re purchasing are being thrown away, most of them, into landfill.

So, I decided to put together a Gift Guide. One that lists 30 present ideas that are good for our planet, support small businesses, and are slow, ethical and affordable.

This list consists of some of my favourite items as well as those that are on my own wish list this year. There are a few things for the bigger budgets, right down to the stocking stuffers too. Most of these items are made by small businesses that give back in some way or another. Every time we purchase from a small business there is someone, a real person, out there celebrating a win. It’s a great way to spread some joy these holidays!

Happy shopping everyone!

  1. Weave and Willow

It’s no secret that this is one of my favourite items right now. It legitimately comes everywhere with me. This towel is 100% European linen, is ethically and sustainably made, and feels amazing! It’s large but light and comes in two dreamy designs, perfect for both the seaside men and women in your life!


Weave and Willow Keira Mason

2. Beauty Tofu

Yet another of my favourites that I have tired, tested and fallen in love with! Beauty Tofu products are raw, vegan, and can be used internally and externally. Beauty Tofu have lots of beauty packs but my pick for the best gift this season is the Self Love First Aid Pack.


Beauty Tofu Keira Mason

3. Two In The Sun

Two In The Sun’s Golden Sunshine Pendant necklace just ticks all the boxes for me. Recycled materials, sweet and simple design and absolutely affordable. Yay, yay and yay!



4. Treat Dreams Chocolate

Ok, so chocolate is always win for presents but these guys have taken it up a notch. Treat Dreams make the most fun and dairy free chocolate that I’ve ever seen. You will win the present game with this one, trust me.


Treat Dreams Chocolate Flora and Fauna

5. Who Gives A Crap

Yes, it’s toilet paper, but just stay with me. Here are five reasons why I think this is an amazing gift;

  1. It’s 100% recycled paper, and plastic free

  2. The wrapping is cute and looks fun in your bathroom

  3. WGAC donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need

  4. It’s big square box so it’s rookie wrapper friendly

  5. You get to legit gift someone toilet paper. It’s hilarious.


Who gives a crap

6. Tess Guinery Art

This one is a little bias as I have Tess’s art hanging all over our loft, but I regret nothing. Tess’s prints are the perfect gift for those who love art, poetry and have a thing for words that transport them to your dream places. There are so many beautiful designs and poems, choosing which one will be the hardest part. Just a little tip, digital art is perfect for any of those last minute gifts; you simply purchase, download and print.


Tess Guinery Rae Rainbow

7. Indigo Luna

Indigo luna’s plant dyed scrunchies are the perfect stocking stuffer. Scrunchies are the best thing ever because they make our unruly hair look amazing just by being there. Indigo Luna have two sizes and both come in the cutest colours!


Indigo Luna Scrunchie.jpg

8. Kindle

I only just recently got on the kindle train and can I just say, I love it. As someone who travels a lot and lives in a tiny little home, books were beautiful but becoming incredibly impractical. Now I can have all of my books in one place, paper free!



9. Kappi

Kappi produce so many beautiful reusable products but my favourite would most definitely be their stainless steel reusable water bottle. They’re cute, save you using plastic, and super affordable. Easy choice!


Kappi Waterbottle.jpeg

10. Katia Carletti Ceramics

Katia is a magical pottery unicorn. She hand-makes all of her own designs in her home studio in Adelaide. My top picks are her moon plates and cute mugs but you have to be quick, when she drops a collection they sell out fast!


Katia Carletti Cermaics

11. Seed and Sprout

My kitchen is filled with Seed and Sprout and I’m totally ok with it. My favourite product of theirs at the moment (though I go through phases) are these reusable stretch lids. They just slide over bowls, plates, half cut fruit, containers, etc. SO HANDY!


Seed_and_Sprout Keira Mason

12. Tasi Travels

I didn’t want to put clothing on this list because it’s usually quite a personal thing for people, but I wanted to give at least one option. Tasi Travels make super wearable, brilliantly designed clothing for men and women and they are made to order! Quality pieces, no waste, no dead-stock, just amazing clothing for everyone.


Tasi Travels

13. Glotatts

BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER! Yeah. This is a thing. A very, good, thing. Glitter is made of tiny pieces of plastic that are obviously terrible for our environment. Glotatts offer a biodegradable glitter that is perfect for festivals and dress-ups, without harming our environment.


Image by Dee Shepherd @deeshepherd

Image by Dee Shepherd @deeshepherd


14. Bicycle Cards

Playing card games is Jared and I’s favourite thing to do when we’re having screen free time, either at home or out and about. I love this deck from Bicycle because they are made with sustainable forest papers, starch-based laminating, and vegetable-based inks.


Image via

Image via


15. Coconut Bowls

This one’s for the foodies. These coconut bowls are a fun way to dish up your smoothie bowls, breakfasts, salads, and any meal really! There are a really affordable present option and completely sustainable!


coconut bowls.png

16. The Sixth Scent

Perfume is another one of those classic “I didn’t know what to get you” presents. This is all good and well but most perfumes have harmful hormone disruptors in them which can lead our bodies to struggle a little. The Sixth Scent is an amazing alternative to commercial perfume. It’s natural, made in small batches, and for my Newcastle friends, handmade locally!


The Sixth Scent

17. Scoop Wholefoods

Ready-made recipe jars are the perfect present hack. Most bulk food stores have these ready made recipe jars available, I just love our local, Scoop Wholefoods. You can find these jars ready with soup, pancake, cookie, bliss ball, or even beauty and bath mixes! They are a great stocking stuffer and the perfect present for your kids teachers, tutors or as a ‘thank you for helping me out this year’ present!

Find your nearest store HERE

Image via

Image via


18. Slow Book

This has been my favourite read of 2018. Brooke McAlary writes all about how her and her family slowed their life right down and adopted a more minimal life. It’s real, honest and also quite humerus at times. The perfect read to kick off 2019.


Image via Malvern Papershop

Image via Malvern Papershop


19. Floozy Coffee

Floozy is another one of my local favourites. This is a woman powered, small batch, coffee roastery team that have nailed their whole deal; branding is super fun, coffee is amazing and they even have plant-based, compostable coffee capsules for those in your life who can’t live without their pods. Just, yes.


Floozy Coffee.jpeg

20. Pala Eyewear

Pala make the most amazing ethical and sustainable sunglasses and are another item high on my wishlist! Not only do they manufacture consciously but they also give back through their proposition that each pair of sunglasses purchased equates to a pair of spectacles for a person in need.


Pala Eyewear

21. Salty Hair

These sweet head scarves are handmade on the Gold Coast using vintage materials. They are the perfect little gift and there are a few different designs to choose from. Not to mention you will be supporting yet another amazing small business!


Salty_Hair_The_Label Keira_Mason

22. Goodness Me

Goodness Me make the most amazing subscriptions boxes and they were such a winning gift idea for me last year. People LOVED it! The boxes are filled with organic, natural products from lots of different brands and are delivered to your door monthly on a subscription basis! It’s a great present because you actually get lots of little presents in one and it keeps on giving! You can sign up for 3, 6 and 12 months subscriptions but you can also cancel at any time!


Goodness Me Box

23. Duffle and Co

This laptop case is a huge winner in my books. It’s is made out of recycled materials, vegan, handcrafted, biodegradable and looks real damn cool.


Duffle and co.jpg

24. Dinner Voucher

So this one is a reminder that you don’t have to always buy a ‘present’ for someone. One of my favourite gifts to receive is a voucher for my go-to cafes, restaurants and bars. Going out is something that people only usually do for a special occasion, so is a really nice way to treat someone!

Holiday_Canggu Keira_Mason

25. Liquorice Moon Studios

These beautiful Earth Cups (keep cups) are handmade in small batches by Eve of Liquorice Moon Studios. They are by far the most beautiful ones I have found and Eve’s story is also such an incredible one to follow. The best little gift because everyone needs a keep cup!


Liquorice Moon Studios

26. Swag Bags

I am such a kitchen nerd. Like, that’s where all my money goes. For the kitchen nerds in your life (holla at my dad cause he is a fellow KN) this is a go-to present. Swag bags are wrap bags that protect, hydrate and let your fruits and veggies breath. Your produce lasts longer and tastes better!


Swag Bags

27. Sun and Earth Zinc

Sunscreen may seem like a boring present but this is nothing but. Sun and Earth Zinc have created a sunscreen that is chemical free, tinted, zinc oxide based and Handcrafted in Byron Bay on solar power from local & certified organic ingredients. It’s actually so natural you can eat it!


Sun and Earth Zinc.jpeg

28. Bare Brush - Toothbrushes

These plastic free toothbrushes are super fun and great for our environment! You should be replacing your toothbrush at least every three months, which is a lot of plastic waste! This is a great gift idea to help your friends and family join you in reducing your waste. Also, with coloured handles, you won’t accidentally keep using your partner’s (sorry honey!) haha.


Bare Brush.jpg

29. Second Earth Yoga

For the yogi beginners and pros in your life. The 2E Connected Yoga Mat is durable, made from natural rubber and jute, is non-toxic, biodegradable, ethically made, 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. It comes with a cotton carry strap which doubles as a stretching tool and they come in two classic colours. A lovely gift that is sure to be loved!



30. Ruusk

Last, but certainly not least, my final pick are these stunning handcrafted organic wave rings from RUUSK. I have been admiring Tania’s work for a long time now and everything she makes is unique and truly soulful. All pieces are handmade in Australia using ethical Australian gold which means that it has been sourced in ways that involve no illegality, no environmentally unsound practices, no gender inequality conditions, no child labour, no contribution to conflict and transparent supply chains. RUUSK are also committed to ensuring that all of their diamonds are purchased from accredited diamond suppliers and are conflict-free. The perfect extra special gift.



A little note to mention, this Gift Guide was not sponsored by any of the listed brands. I just wanted to share with you some businesses who are doing magical things in the world of sustainability and that I believe are creating beautiful quality items that definitely deserve to be gifted and shared amongst your family and friends.

Have a wonderful holiday season friends!

Keira x