How to do 'Conscious Boho'

After visiting Byron Bay a few weeks ago, I can’t help but still be vibing the boho feels. It’s effortless lines, earthy colours and soft fabrics fit perfectly for the self-confessed hippie in all of us, but how can you satisfy your inner boho in the conscious world?

So, I decided to share some of my favourite conscious boho brands to take you from festivals, to farmers markets, to coastal road-trips and beyond!


Cloth yourself in Aulieude

Aulieude has been one of my favourite brands for a long time now, but their current line is especially fun. Linen frills, earthy colours and backless pieces for days!


Sparkle with Two In The Sun

For lovers of the sun and moon, Two In The Sun’s pieces are nothing short of magical! They’re handmade in Byron with recycled and biodegradable materials and they also donate monthly to the organisation Positive Change for Marine Life.


Slip your feet into Muni Muni

Muni Muni shoes are ethically made in the Philippines and have AMAZING designs for really affordable prices. They are made from natural fibres and will legit go with everything in your wardrobe.

Muni Muni images from

Muni Muni images from


Find shade under Will and Bear

Hats are darn tricky but Will and Bear have created designs for the surfers, adventurers and brunch-goers of the world. All of their hats are made with 100% natural materials and they plant 10 trees for every hat sold!

Will and Bear images from

Will and Bear images from


Smell like Studium essentials

Studium Essentials earthy notes don’t just smell incredible, they stir up new thoughts, emotions and actions. An absolute essential for your every single day.

Studium Essentials images from  @studium.essentials

Studium Essentials images from @studium.essentials


Picnic on Earth Covers

Earth Covers rugs are the perfect picnic partner. They are made from 100% cotton and beautifully designed for the beach, grass or even in your home. There couldn’t be a more perfect piece to round up my boho guide.