How to go plastic-free in Bali

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, “How do I avoid plastic in Bali?” It’s a question I’m really glad people are asking, because it means we are all more consciously trying to avoid plastics. Yay!

The reason why plastic in Bali is such a huge topic is because we are fighting a hard fight with plastic pollution here. It’s become devastating and life-threatening for our oceans and sea-life and turning our paradise into a toxic dump. However, things are starting to look up! In late 2018, Bali introduced a law banning certain single-use plastics (plastic bags, polystyrene and plastic straws). It’s a huge step forward for Bali but there is still a long way to go.

So, how can you visit Bali without contributing to the plastic problem? I have listed 10 ways to help you avoid plastics so you can consciously enjoy your holiday while maintaining the beauty of this incredible island!

Sustainable dress by  Rove Byron Bay

Sustainable dress by Rove Byron Bay

  1. Make sure your accommodation has a refillable water station

Tap water is unsafe to drink in Bali which unfortunately see’s tens of thousands of tourists opting to purchase single-use plastic water-bottles for their entire holiday. The best way to avoid being ‘that person’ is to reach out to your accommodation before booking to see if they have a refillable water station. These are safe-to-drink water dispensers where you can refill your bottles and cups. No need for any plastic water-bottles!


2. Bring a reusable water-bottle

This would seem like an obvious one but as most people aren’t aware that these refillable water stations exist, they don’t think to bring one. So, bring one along and refill it wherever you can! Tip: Lots of cafes have refill water stations available, so if you happen to see one as your passing by a cafe from the street, ask if you can make a donation to refill your bottle!

Insulated drink flasks from  Seed and Sprout

Insulated drink flasks from Seed and Sprout


3. Bring a reusable bag

You will use this non-stop. For shopping, going to the beach, getting take-away… It will be your best friend in Bali!

Mixed Mesh Tote bag from  Seed and Sprout

Mixed Mesh Tote bag from Seed and Sprout


4. Shop Local

Unfortunately, lots of the major supermarkets in Bali wrap their fruits and veggies excessively in plastic cling wrap. To avoid plastic, get the freshest produce and support local families, try getting your produce from the local fruit shops on the side of the road. But, don’t forget your reusable bag! ;)

Sunday Markets at  Samadi , Canggu

Sunday Markets at Samadi, Canggu


5. Stock-up at Zero Waste Bali

For travellers that have been away from home for a long time and for those just stopping in for a quick holiday, Zero Waste Bali will have everything you need! Refill your shampoo bottles, stock up on plastic free snacks, buy yourself a new journal made from recycled paper or find plastic-free, organic baby food for your little ones! Zero Waste Bali is located in Kerobokan (about 10-15 minutes out of Canggu) and there is also another one in Ubud!

Zero Waste Bali , Canggu Store

Zero Waste Bali, Canggu Store


6. Avoid take-away when you can

We all love GO-JEK (Bali’s Uber Eats) but unfortunately take-away creates a lot of unnecessary waste, usually including plastics. When you can, enjoy eating out! You will be minimising your waste and you will get to enjoy some beautiful Bali venues!

Sunset cocktails at  La Brisa , Canggu

Sunset cocktails at La Brisa, Canggu


7. Bring a take-away container, reusable cutlery and straw

For those times when you need a quick takeaway meal, you didn’t quite finish your nasi goreng or you want to enjoy a coconut on the beach make sure you have a reusable take-away container, cutlery and straw. We almost always have all of these on us (in our scooter seat) along with our reusable bag. FYI, single-use plastic straws shouldn’t be in circulation within a few months time but it’s always good to have one just incase.

All travel products from  Zero Waste Bali

All travel products from Zero Waste Bali


8. Bring a pair of old undies

No, that wasn’t autocorrect. I legit want to you bring a pair of old undies on your tropical holiday to Bali, and here’s why; most massage places will offer you a pair of disposable underwear wrapped in (you guessed it) plastic! Considering everyone tends to indulge in the odd massage or two, I recommend wearing a pair of underwear that you aren’t too fussed about getting a little oil on to avoid having to use a disposable pair.


9. Avoid disposable hotel soaps and shampoos

I know it can be a bit of a novelty getting little shampoo and body wash bottles in your hotel, but when we think about how many people come and go using those bottles, it’s a huge amount of waste. Try bringing your own shampoo bar or bottle from home or contact your accommodation and ask if they have non-disposable bathroom supplies.

Image via  Lush

Image via Lush


10. Take a reusable bag with you when dropping off your laundry

If you take your clothing to a local laundromat, your clothes will be returned to you in plastic. To avoid this, just leave a reusable bag with your laundry and ask that your clothing be put in that instead of plastic! Another option is to use a self service laundromat. Our favourite is Canggu Laundry Club.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


Now I know this can seem like you need to bring everything but the kitchen sink to avoid using plastics here in Bali so, I have some good news for you!

our home will be available for holiday rentals this year!

We will have our loft stocked with all of the reusable goods you need to enjoy Bali plastic-free so all you need to bring is your summer wardrobe! We will be getting the details sorted for you very soon but in the meantime here are a few points:

  • The Loft is located in Berawa, walking distance to some of Canggu’s best vegan cafes

  • It is suitable for either single travellers or couples

  • We will have everything you need to avoid plastics in Bali - water-bottles, reusable bags, water station, washing machine, reusable take-away containers and bathroom amenities

We have lots more to share but if you have any questions feel free to email me at

Keira x