Our Three Day Juice Cleanse

Last week Jared and I did our second, three day juice cleanse with Remix Juice Bali. We both have a huge month ahead of us so we thought it was a great opportunity to get our bodies right and happy for all that was ahead for us!

I shared a little about our cleanse on my Instagram @keiramary_ and had so many people asking questions and generally showing interest as something they would like to try one day. I thought I would write a blog answering some of those questions for you today! However, just keep in mind that I am sharing my experience. Everyone is different and another persons experience could be very different to mine. Through sharing, I hope to be able to answer some of your questions and maybe open your mind to trying a detox, cleanse or fast one day!

  1. Who did you do your juice cleanse through?

I did my cleanse through Remix Juice Bali. Remix is located in Umalas, just outside of Canggu and they deliver to the whole of Canggu, Seminyak and Kerobokan which is perfect for us. We also love Remix because they have a few different options for cleanses. You can order juices individually or you can choose a three day, five day or custom juice cleanse program where everything is organised for you.

2. How many juices do you get?

Through Remix, you receive five juices (some fruit based and some vegetable based) and one almond or oak milk. Each bottle is 600ml so it is actually quite a lot of juice! We were starting at 9am and drinking one every two hours throughout the day.


Are you just hungry the whole time?

For a girl who really loves her food, I actually don’t really get hungry when I’m on a juice cleanse. Like I said above, it’s A LOT of juice! It’s also worth mentioning that it gets easier as you go on through the cleanse. The thing I miss most about food when I’m on a cleanse is the social act of cooking and eating. Jared and I love both of these things but it’s not quite the same when you just pull two juices out of the fridge and cheers them, haha.

Why do you do cleanses?

I love this question. I think most people associate juice cleansing with weight-loss but it’s the last thing on the list for me. I choose to do a cleanse every 6 months to allow my mind and body the time to reset and refresh. Cleansing is like a spring clean for my body. Fasting gives your body a chance to redirect the engird that it is usually using to digest your food, to healing and ‘cleaning’ your body. I also love that it resets my mind. It’s an opportunity to connect back to my values of ‘food as nourishment’ rather than habit. It helps me to appreciate the food that is going in, and being mindful while I’m eating it.


What are all of the different flavours?

Remix has a HUGE range of flavours, some fruit based and some veggie based. We had 17 different ones over our three days and they were all amazing! Just be aware of the Celery juice if it turns up in your delivery. It’s incredible for you but it’s a little bitter on the tongue! To see all of the flavours, see the images in this post!

Did you ever feel hypoglycemic during the three days?

I felt a bit of a sugar low on the second day as most of our juices were veggie based that day. The second day usually takes the biggest toll on your body too. I was only a little light-headed and had very mild shake, similar to having a coffee. This can be very different for each person  and each cleanse too. With that in mind, t’s a good idea to do your cleanse over a few days where you can arrange to rest and only take on light activities.


Would you recommend cleansing while taking on your usual schedule, or do you think it would be too much?

It is definitely possible if your body is reacting well to it’s detox, but again, each person and experience is different. I personally see my time cleansing as an opportunity to rest my body and mind, so I try to take a few days off or lighten my workload, and also adopt a slower, restorative exercise routine rather than intense cardio.

Is there any prep work involved or do you just get right into it?

There is a little prep work to help you ease your body into its fasting state and get the most out of your cleanse. For 48 hours before, it is recommended that you eliminate alcohol, smoking, caffeine, dairy and gluten, processed foods, eggs, red meat, sugars and sweeteners. You should also try adding two-three juices in your diet for those two days. When coming out of the cleanse it is also recommended that you do the same, and possibly replace a few solid meals with liquid ones to ease your body back to solids again. If you do your cleanse with remix you get a handy booklet that has all of this information ready for you!


Any other tips to help the detox along?

Drink LOTS of water, but try avoiding drinking 30 minutes before your next juice so that its not diluted by the water in your stomach. Also try dry brushing your skin, epsom salt baths and meditating if you don’t already.

re there any side effects and how do you feel after?

There are lots of side effects that can be expected from a cleanse, some of which are; lightheadedness, and increase or decrease in bowel movements, tiredness, unstable moods, bloatedness, weakness and skin breakouts. When I did my first cleanse I had low bowel movements, tiredness, cloudy mind, and bloatedness. This time I had high bowel movements, lightheadedness, and a bit of shaking but thats all. So once again, it can be different each time but it's worth mentioning, most of those symptoms went away by day three.

How did I feel afterward? Incredible. I always feel inspired, creative, clear, healthy, bright, energised and happy after a cleanse. My body feels amazing with zero bloating, bright skin and loads of energy. I always feel ready to appreciate and re-introduce my wholefoods diet again and plan some new wellness habits into my routine.


cleanse information

Who? Remix Juice Bali

Cleanse? Three day juice cleanse

Includes? Five 600ml juices and one nut or oak milk for three days including delivery to Canggu, Seminyak and Kerobokan

Cost? 1125K (around $110 AUD)

Additional information: Remix also have a store located in Umalas, just outside of Canggu. They have an amazing menu and a variety of their juices are available!


This blog is a sponsored, unpaid collaboration with Remix Juice.