Preset FAQ’s

What is Lightroom? 

Lightroom is a photo editing app by Adobe. You can either purchase a subscription for Lightroom on your computer or download their free mobile app to edit on your phone.

I’ve never used Abobe Lightroom before, it is hard to use? 

Adobe Lightroom is actually incredibly user-friendly, quite simple to use, and like anything, easier after a little practice. To help you out, I have provided a short video tutorial on how to download, and how to edit in Lightroom mobile and desktop that come with each purchase to give you all the tips you need to get started!

What style of imagery are your presets created for? 

I have created these presets to reflect my personal style of photography and editing. They are de-saturated, warm, smooth and easy to use. The presets are most suited to images with neutral tones and natural lighting - you can see lots of examples of before and after’s HERE and on my instagram @keiramary_

How can I get the best out of my presets?

You will always get the best result from better quality photos. My presets have been designed to be applied to photos that have been shot in RAW (a high quality version of a photo). Most cameras and phones will shoot jpg (a smaller photo file) images by default , however you can change your settings to shoot in RAW on camera and mobile. To shoot in RAW on your mobile, just use the camera in your Lightroom app. For your camera, if you are not sure how to adjust your setting, a quick google search for your camera model should give you the answer!

How many presets are in The Narrative Collection? 

There are 8 presets in The Narrative Collection. 

How much are your presets?

The Narrative Collection preset packs are $59.00 AUD.

What’s the difference between Lightroom desktop and mobile?

As a photographer I love editing on my desktop. I am able to edit with much more precision and detail there. However, if you are on the road a lot or love taking snaps on your phone, then the mobile version is perfect for you! 

It is also worth mentioning that if you have a Lightroom subscription on your computer then you will also be able to get your desktop presets onto Lightroom Mobile. 

What version of Lightroom do I need?

There are two different versions of Lightroom available on your desktop. Most professionals (including myself) use Lightroom Classic as it has a much more comprehensive editing ability than Lightroom CC. My desktop presets are compatible with Lightroom Classic only.

I don’t know if I need the desktop version or mobile? 

If you don’t have a Lightroom subscription or have paid for Lightroom on your desktop then you will need the mobile version. You can download the Lightroom app free on your phone to edit with my mobile presets.

There are two sets of files in the desktop zip file. Which do I use? 

Lightroom recently upgraded its systems to better support presets. This means that preset files have changed from lr.template files to .xmp files. If you have the most recent Lightroom upgrade (7.3 and above) then you will use the .xmp files. You can find my video link on how to upload .xmp files in the ‘preset upload’ email you would have received after your purchase. 

If you have a later version of Lightroom you will need to install the lr.template files. I suggest a quick search on youtube on how to upload the lr.template files.