Less The Label

Less The label is a new ethical underwear label based in Australia. LTL have dedicated their designs for comfort, support and style in a beautiful range of soft colours. I am so excited to be partnered with this sweet, yet empowering label.

Keira Mason Less the Label
Less the Label Keira mason.jpg
Keira Mason Less the Label

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From the very first moment I contacted Keira as an up and coming business she was nothing but polite, helpful and super friendly.
The exposure Keira gave me through Instagram not only boosted my followers, but also put me in contact with other businesses which helped with greater exposure. The quality and style of the images were completely in line with my brand and page and I couldn’t h happier with them. Since receiving my images, Keira has stayed in contact, commenting on posts, liking photos and giving me advise when needed.
She’s an absolute pleasure to deal with and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Less The Label