My Soap Story

My Soap Story is a beautiful new shop that has just opened in Canggu. I couldn’t help but take a few snaps while I was picking out a few new essentials. Enjoy lusting over their beautiful bright shop-front and amber glass packaged products.

Keira-Mason-Soap Story-moisturisers.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-shop-front.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-flavours.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-perfumes.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-hair-oil.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-natural-body-wash.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-beautiful-shop.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-eye-serum.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-natural-shop.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-natural-oils.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-bright-white-shop.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-flavours.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-shop.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-essential-oils.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-products.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-natural-soaps.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-product-display.jpg
Keira-Mason-Soap Story-products-on-the-shelf.jpg

You can find My Soap Story at - Jalan Pantai Berawa No. 50, Canggu 80361, Bali