Let me share with you my heart for conscious living and for your business.

About Me



I’m Keira.

A conscious creative who strives to tell the intricate stories of conscious brands by capturing imagery that illustrates the beauty throughout their business.

I started my journey of living a more conscious life a few years ago. I wasn't satisfied within the culture of quick fixes, fast fashion and full schedules. I wanted to heal, discover, consume and live slower and more organically. This lead my husband and I to Bali, Indonesia where we fell in love with the community and are now based.

Throughout my journey I found so many incredible brands and businesses who had designed thoughtful and authentic products, venues and ideas who needed a way of communicating the heart of their stories to their community and customers. This is where my business started.

I create a connection from your brand to your customers through thoughtful imagery that tells the unique story of each piece, venue or creation. Nothing you have created has been by accident. Years of thought, research, trial and heart have gone into your creations to make something that is good for people and our planet. It deserves to be seen in its most beautiful light.

I can’t wait to meet you, so together we can create something beautiful.


Featured Links

Here are some other places you can read a little more about me!


Interview // Well Fed

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with the ever so lovely Keira Mason (@keiramary_), she’s a total boss babe, passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion, a health and wellness coach & currently living the dream in Bali w/ her hubby Jared.

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Keira Mason-Bird and Kite Image.jpg

Interview // Anika Raya

“There are a few things that I would love to see for my future and I think that’s very different to what I thought it would be about ten years ago.”

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Interview // Usha Living

There is something to be learned from everyone. We recently met Keira, who is a creative and beautiful soul, we talked to her about living a slow and sustainable life in Bali. We hope you can learn and be inspired by our chat with Keira. 

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Interview // Ethical Made Easy

Personally, I've always been a type A, 20-tabs-open-at-all-times kinda of person, but it was through Keira's education both as a friend, and with her presence online that I've learnt the importance of slowing down, taking things as they come, and enjoying the ride we are on.  

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Interview // The Essentials club

I got a deeper insight below into her story including what made her transition towards a more ethical lifestyle and how she got to call Bali home while creating beautiful content for work. 

Keira was also kind enough to share a simple but delicious DIY recipe that’s her go to easy and healthy meal - perfect for work lunches!

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